Sunday, May 20, 2007


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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year and all the old things repackaged to make it feel NEW!

With a year approaching its end, we are getting closer to a new year, a new beginning. We all think that a whole bunch of things are left that we want to achieve in our lives. New year brings us an opportunity to reflect upon our past and plan for our future, and above all it acts like a catalyst as we are always excited about trying new things at fresh times. Even though it is an superficial impose change, but when we programme our minds consciously or subconsciously we get that motivation to do that as in the case with the new year. So how to get what you want this year or how to increase the chances of getting it. I have devised a plan similar to one I got in an email but then I edited most of it =p to make it more realistic.

1) You need to have a dream. If you are dreamless then you're dead so betta start imagining your vision.

2) Think good thoughts. Your vibrations attract the result. If you will think negative then you won't take that extra step and the result will be failure without any thought. I have already wrote much about it the blog before.

3) Discover your potentials. Deposited within every one of us isa huge deposit of diamond that we all need to discover. Lifebecomes easy for us if we are able to discover our potentials andmake use of them.

4) Believe in yourself. Everything is going according to the plan devised above but if you don't believe yourself and how will you convince others about it. You betta believe your ideas and your potentials and everything related to make others believe.

5) Learn, learn and learn! There is no shortcut. You gotta see how much you have achieved. Enjoy that slice of success and then don't sit down. Exercise! Exercise your mind. Try to learn from others who are sincere. People who critique you to underestimate you and there words doesn't weigh power just let those words enter one ear and get out in a second from the other. Also try to learn what good you and your God want to say to you. That gives motivation.

6) Never give up! Troubles and difficulties in your path is waiting for you to get slipped. But then you should be rock solid hard. Nothing comes easy in life, but then it doesn't mean that it never comes at all, you just gotta word hard and those stones will automatically shed into sand.

7) Action and Faith. Of what use is a dream thatis not backed with ACTION? It is better not to dream at all thanhave one and not act on it. Acting on one's dream is whatmakes the difference. Your dreams can become a reality if youcan ACT on it.Nothing will bring you result apart from action! If you are not ready to act, then you are not prepared to reap the reward. Do your best, have faith in God and let Him decide and do it all for you after you have done yoru part.

I wish you all a very Happy, Successful and Prosperous New Year.

Now go party and do some work from 2nd, no later or else you'll sulk. But you can start dreaming just now.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Smile does it for everyone. Just a smile. Have you ever received a smile from stranger? It is so selfless that it just gets into deepest chord of your heart. You know it is not fake. You can feel the warmth and the joy. Even fake smiles work. It has a fair chance to make you happy but more than that it does make other people feel special. Smile to everyone, even if that person is a stranger. Who knows that smile can change that person life forever. Who knows that smile can vanish some anxiety/worry which had a strong potential to make a huge lost afterwards. Who knows that smile can give him/her a zeal to live.

Pass it on with a smile :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Never Lived!

A person asked God "What surprises you most about mankind"

God replied, "They lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. By thinking anxiously about future they forget the present, such that they live neither for the present nor for the future. They will live as if they will never die, and they die as if they had never lived."

Author: Unknown

Friday, December 01, 2006

We desperately need to change.

As you know today is World's Aids Day. I was watching television and a HIV+ person was being interviewed. When the interviewer asked him about people's attitude towards him. He started by saying that the media and health agencies scare people more instead of alerting them. I saw tears in his eyes, he was crying from inside and looking that I cried too. I just know. People say eyes speak and I always thought how rubbish but they do I ealized it today in a strange way. Back to the topic. I guess you know what AIDS it correctly, if not then do some research. We know that we have to be safe, be informed and be alert. But have we ever thought of the person who has already been affected. Who knows it was his/her mistake or not. If s/he committed a mistake so what. They are afterall human. Don't we need to care or atleast shutup. It is the society's attitude which kills even more. Such patients already go with so much emotional and psychological turmoil that people make it even worse when they try to throw them out. We are scared because we are not informed and above all we are scared to question.

That was a patient. Hate disease and not the patient. The day is just a small reason to convey the most important message. This is not only about that patient. Many of us doesn't even know a single HIV+ person in our lives but there are other human beings to whom we hurt them with our attitudes and harshness. I also do. Such a shame. Would you ever want tears in someone eyes?! If it was so painful for me to see that person crying then how sad would people actually feel. Just think. Don't hurt anybody, Raheel you listen too and also act on improving it. I also learned one more thing that receiving a smile even from a stranger feels so good.

Please pass on the message.

Friday, November 17, 2006

If thoughts are strong, then actions also can be.

As both of us has limited time so I keep it as short as possible.

Life is cruel as we all know rather assume. You have to accept that it isn't that bad. It is us ourselves which limits our capabilites to achieve and fight back. We always think that we can't do this, it won't happen, how would I deal with all this? Don't even underestimate yourself, if you want you can but you are never ever allowed to underestimate the human inside you. The creature which God created with love, has so much power, endurance and ability in it but nothing comes for free. You gotta have an Optimistic attitude and Positive view over life to be that being in real sense. Replace can't with can and see the magic. Simple law of nature, if you think you can't, you just can't. Negativity attracts nothing. Positive attracts every Good thing. If you think negative/low, you have already lost the battle before it has even started. Dream big, it doesn't cost a penny and then be realistic and work hard to achieve it. Even accept failures and learn from it. Failures and Sacrifices is a step of the success ladder. Without it you just can't reach. It needs courage and hell lotta self-respect but then if you have faith in yourself and in God then YOU CAN, JUST DO IT! The world is infront of you, go and just conquer it with love,
with love Raheel Lakhani.

Friday, November 10, 2006

One life so make most out of it.

We have one life which is filled with experiences. Every experience helps us to know ourself better and we learn not much then something from it. Then why do we don't do what we want to do? Maybe it is fear. Fear of anysort is a fear. Fears do have reasons. Reasons which are mostly illogical. Have you seen Lage Raho Munna Bhai and the song Chaar Aaney? In that movie, there was a side character, an old man who thought he has wasted his whole life with doing things which other people needed him to do. Now in his old age, he wanted to do things which he himself wanted to do. If your actions doesn't hurt or harm anyone then there is no problem in doing those things. Society is there to say things, you have to live with it but if those opinions are generalized, baseless, illogically conservative then you don't have to agree with it. Do you thing because people are there to talk rubbish so they will do it anyways. Understanding people don't. Have your stand, enjoy life but don't harm others nor URSELF!

PS: Do listen to Aaney Chaar Aaney song, if you understand urdu/hindi. Don't only listen but also ponder.